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✍️ News: Nvidia’s Wild AI Encore
🛠️ Tools: Durable, BeatOven
🎨 Creator Corner: How LLMs Really Work, Expanding Famous Art with AI, ChatGPT Prompt Hacks

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One top headline in the AI space to know:

🎇 Nvidia’s AI Encore

If you thought Nvidia’s wild stock rally last week was electrifying, CEO Jensen Huang had an encore ready to continue blowing consumer’s minds.

In a two-hour keynote this weekend in Taiwan, Huang unveiled a new array of AI-based products and services — further positioning Nvidia at the forefront of the AI revolution:

  • 💻 Supercomputer DGX GH200: Designed to turbocharge tech companies' AI ambitions, this AI supercomputer platform could revolutionize the industry. Among the early adopters expected are Microsoft, Google, and Meta Platforms. The supercomputer is powered by 250 of Nvidia’s new Grace Hopper superchips, which the company announced are now in full production.

  • 📺 AI in Advertising: Nvidia is partnering with WPP (the largest advertising agency in the world) to leverage AI and the metaverse for cost-efficient ad production. With "virtual twins" of products, reshoots could become a thing of the past.

  • 🎮 Nvidia ACE for Games: Stepping up its activity on the gaming front, Nvidia is adding personality to background characters with AI. No more repetitive NPC dialogue — expect more natural, off-the-cuff responses. Check out the wild demo below:

  • 🌐 Networking Technology: Spectrum X, Nvidia's response to the data movement bottleneck in data centers, promises to accelerate information transfer. A showcase data center in Israel is reportedly in the pipeline.

“We have reached the tipping point of a new computing era.”

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

As Huang put it, "Everyone is a creator now." Nvidia's moves signal a pivotal shift in AI's capabilities and application, transforming industries and redefining our interaction with technology.

If you want some more insight into Huang’s thoughts on AI — the CEO gave a great commencement speech at National Taiwan University, urging the students to seize the golden opportunities about to come from the AI revolution:

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Two AI-powered platforms to add to your toolbox:

  • Durable — Build a website in 30 seconds with AI (link)

  • Beatoven AI — Create customizable, royalty-free music (link)

Three of our favorite tweets, threads, AI generations and more:

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Using generative AI to expand the canvas of famous art:

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