Microsoft Build's Big AI Day 📶

Bing + ChatGPT, Adobe Firefly and Generative Fill, Kaiber AI, and More

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🔥 News: Microsoft’s Big AI Day
🦋 Tools: Adobe Firefly, Kaiber.AI
🎨 Creator Corner: Snoop Dogg as Spock, Comic Book Creations, Using AI in the Workplace

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One top headline in the AI space to know:

🔥 Microsoft’s Big AI Day

If you thought the Google I/O Conference featured a lot of AI earlier this month, yesterday’s Microsoft Build said ‘hold my beer’.

The tech giant unveiled some big announcements, including:

  • The integration of Bing as the default search experience inside ChatGPT’s browsing plugin — rolling out to Plus subscribers immediately, and free users in the near future

  • Copilot, an AI-assistant, coming to Windows 11 — supercharging actions on your computer with integrated AI tech.

  • Microsoft Fabric, a data analytics platform for developers that leverages the power of AI

  • A shared Plugins platform, allowing interoperability between ChatGPT and Microsoft’s product line

Between Google, Meta, and Microsoft’s constant shipping of new tools and features — it feels like the AI race is in an all-out sprint almost every week.

Still hungry for more AI headlines? Some other news that caught our eye this week:

Bill Gates says AI Could End Search Engines (link)
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AI Developer Anthropic Raises $450M Series C Round (link)
Digital Seance: New AI Tech Mimics Speaking to the Dead (link)
Spotify Turns to AI for Podcast Advertising (link)

Two AI-powered platforms to add to your toolbox:

  • Kaiber AI — AI-powered video generation for creators (link)

  • Adobe Firefly — Text-to-image platform from the creative giant, now open to everyone (link)

Adobe Photoshop rolled out 'Generative Fill' on Tuesday, an exciting AI tool that can alter images with a simple text prompt. The tool is powered by Adobe’s AI image generator, Firefly, and can extend images or manipulate objects with ease.

The new features are in beta, but are expected to be rolled out in Photoshop later this year.

Excited to try it? You can experiment with it via the Firefly beta app or by downloading the desktop beta app.

And check out the awesome demos below:

Three of our favorite tweets, threads, AI generations and more:

A prescient thread from Maven CEO Gagan Biyani on the importance of embracing AI in the workplace:

Illustrating comic books has never been easier. Awesome tutorial in Adobe Firefly from Kris Kashtanova:

Snoop Dogg as Spock? The Star Trek casting we never knew we needed: