Elon's Universe-Expanding xAI Play 🌌

Featuring a Mysterious New AI Venture, a $2B Microsoft AI Partnership, AI 3D Asset Heaven and More.

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✍️ News: Elon’s xAI Play
🛠️ Tools: Scalenut, Upscale.Media
🎨 Creator Corner: Tech Giant Dance-off, 3D Asset Heaven, Indiana Jones Expansion

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One top headline in the AI space to know:

 🚀 Elon Musk Launches xAI

Elon Musk is no stranger to the artificial intelligence world.

The world’s richest man was around for the origins of one of AI’s biggest breakthroughs — helping co-found OpenAI back in 2015. But the polarizing leader left the company in 2018 due to disagreements over AI safety.

And after being a vocal opponent of the current trajectory (including calling for a pause on AI development and signing several letters on the topic), he's venturing back in the AI game with a new company — xAI.

The goal of xAI a lofty one — to ‘understand the true nature of the universe’, according to the company’s site.

While It's still a little unclear what xAI's endgame is and how they plan to commercialize their research, Musk is no stranger to shaking up established markets.

Elon uncovering the universe’s biggest mysteries

And the Twitter founder is already cross-pollinating between his companies — with more information about xAI reportedly being released on a Twitter Spaces this Friday.

xAI's superstar team includes top talents plucked from AI research labs like DeepMind, Microsoft, and even OpenAI.

A deeper dive into each team member’s background in the artificial intelligence space:

What secrets of the universe do you want xAI to uncover?

Still hungry for more AI headlines? Some other news that caught our eye:

— Microsoft Strikes $2B AI Partnership with KPMG (link)
— VP Harris Meets With Labor & Rights Groups to Discuss AI Threats (link)
— Shopify to Launch AI Assistant For Merchants (link)
— Nvidia Bets on AI Drug Discovery with $50M Recursion Investment (link)
— CEO Replaces 90% of Support Staff with AI Chatbot (link)

Two AI-powered platforms to add to your toolbox:

  • Scalenut — An AI co-pilot that powers your entire SEO content lifecycle (link)

  • Upscale Media — Upscale and enhance images with AI (link)

Three of our favorite tweets, threads, AI generations and more:

In honor of Elon’s xAI announcement (and the current Twitter vs. Threads battle), here’s a text-to-video AI generation of a danceoff between two tech giants:

AI is unlocking a new era of 3D asset building. Check out Objaverse-XL:

We’ve seen AI expand various photos and memes, but did you know it can do video too? An example, using Indiana Jones:

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