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Featuring a Major New LLM Player, AI-Powered Makeup Filters, a ChatGPT Depreciation Paper and More.

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✍️ News: Apple GPT on the Way?
🛠️ Tools: Microsoft Copilot, LLaMA 2
🎨 Creator Corner: ChatGPT Depreciation Study, Fruit Supercars, Meme Fun

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One top headline in the AI space to know:

🍎 Apple Races to Join AI Party

While OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, and Meta have dominated the AI headlines of late, one tech giant has been conspicuously quiet through the surge— and you’re likely reading this newsletter from their phone or computer.

But behind the scenes, Apple is reportedly scrambling to catch up.

News broke Wednesday that the iPhone maker is building its own AI framework called Ajax to power large language models akin to ChatGPT and Google Bard, according to Bloomberg. The company has also created an internal AI chatbot, which its engineers dubbed ‘Apple GPT’, to test capabilities.

After seemingly being caught off guard by the AI hype, Apple is now on a mission to determine how to bring advanced generative AI to its widely-used products and services.

Apple sees AI as critical for the future of its devices and wants to avoid missing the boat — but company is still trying to solve challenges like potential biases and find the right use cases to introduce the technology responsibly.

In short — we likely won't see Tim Cook unveil "Apple GPT" on stage anytime soon.

But with Apple flexing its AI muscles behind the scenes, the race to lead the AI pack just gained a massive new player.

Apple is determined not to cede too much ground to rivals as it readies its own AI-powered future — and as we’ve seen in the past, the last-mover advantage can work just as well as being early to the game.

At the very least — let’s hope Apple’s move into generative AI means actually functional Siri in the near future 🙏

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Two AI-powered platforms to add to your toolbox:

Yesterday’s newsletter mentioned big moves out of Microsoft, including a LLaMA open-source partnership with Meta and additional information about product launches.

Here are a few of the products to check out:

  • Microsoft Copilot — AI sidekick for all your work needs, integrated into the core Microsoft products (link)

  • LLaMA 2 — Meta’s (now) open-sourced LLM coming to Microsoft products (link)

Three of our favorite tweets, threads, AI generations and more:

A fascinating look into a question that many have been asking — if ChatGPT’s performance is depreciating over time:

Ever see a supercar made out of fruit? Now you have:

One of my wife’s biggest pet peeves is me responding to virtually everything she says with an AI-related comment or tool. So this meme was very relatable:

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