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A rundown of some of the top headlines in the AI space this week:

🔬 AI’s Latest Medical Marvels

Artificial intelligence is already beginning to push medical boundaries. And two stories this week highlight the massive breakthroughs being made with the help of AI in the field.

The first features Gert-Jan Oskam, who was paralyzed in a 2011 motorcycle crash and is now walking with the help of AI-powered technology.

Researchers at Lausanne University Hospital created a "digital bridge" between his brain and spine, decoding movement intentions from brain recordings and turning thoughts into action:

In another breakthrough this week, scientists at McMaster University and MIT have used AI to find a new antibiotic able to take down a superbug identified by the WHO as a critical threat to human health.

By screening thousands of antibacterial molecules utilizing AI, researchers discovered a new compound, named abaucin, that showed promising results against the superbug (Acinetobacter baumannii) in lab testing.

These stunning developments underscore how AI is becoming an indispensable ally in healthcare — and it’s hard to fathom what new developments will come as the exponential growth marches on.

📈 Chip Maker Nvidia’s Earnings Fuel AI Stock Rally

Wall Street is buzzing following Nvidia's record-breaking performance this week — with the chip maker stunning analysts with huge projected revenue numbers that saw share prices soar by 25 percent.

Why, you ask? A classic case of “selling the shovels” for the AI gold rush.

The tech giant predicts a surge in demand for its computer chips, thanks to AI-driven products like ChatGPT needing serious chip power. The company’s Q2 revenue estimates of $11B came in a whopping 50 percent higher than projections — and the helped spur a jump in other AI-related stocks like Google and Microsoft.

This massive growth comes after a rocky 2022, and now positions Nvidia with a cool $940 billion market valuation.

Nvidia is playing a key role in the AI revolution — behind every smart AI is a powerful chip.

🏛️ AI Legislation Challenges: OpenAI, Google Voice Concerns

The AI legislative battle is heating up — with major players already hinting at drastic moves should governing bodies create roadblocks that stifle innovation.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is raising eyebrows over the forthcoming EU AI Act, concerned about the impact of too much regulation on general-purpose AI tech like their own GPT-4. He even cautioned that if compliance proves too tough, OpenAI may have to halt operations in Europe.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai also called for regulatory balance to ensure innovation isn't stifled during meetings with European regulators this week.

As these tech titans push back, the stage is set for some serious debate on the right way to govern AI.

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