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AI News Anchors Coming to a TV Near You 📺

Featuring India's New On-Air Talent, Sarah Silverman Suing AI Giants, Nintendo Yearbook Photos and More.

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✍️ News: India’s AI-Generated News Anchor
🛠️ Tools: Eightify, Tribescaler
🎨 Creator Corner: Nintendo Yearbook Photos, Bing Freaks Out, Handwriting Bot

Here’s everything you need to know:

One top headline in the AI space to know:

 📺 AI News Anchors Coming to a TV Near You

Are you ready to get your news from an AI news anchor, trained on all the latest happenings around the world?

It may not be fully mainstream just yet, but one of the first examples of artificial intelligence seeping into live news is now upon us.

OTV, a top news network in the Indian region of Odisha, is adding a futuristic twist to its broadcasting with Lisa — the state’s first AI news anchor.

More than just a bot, Lisa can communicate in multiple languages and will present news updates in Odia and English on TV and digital platforms.

Lisa will also be an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This high-tech addition is not just a cool gadget, but OTV’s bold stride into the AI revolution.

“Lisa harnesses the power of AI and LLM to deliver news with precision and efficiency. Combining groundbreaking machine learning algorithms with a life-like virtual presenter, Lisa will strive to be the perfect synthesis of technology and journalistic excellence,” OTV’s Digital Business Head Litisha Mangat Panda said.

“As we embrace this transformation, we will do so responsibly and inclusively while ensuring fairness and transparency.”

Will we eventually reach a point where AI-generated news anchors are commonplace? Or do the masses still want a trusted human face behind their reporting?

Robots reporting to a newsroom near you

It will be interesting to watch — particularly across different parts of the globe. While it currently feels like AI is receiving significant backlash in the United States, other countries may be quicker to welcome and adapt to the new tech.

While we might still be a ways off from robot Walter Cronkite delivering important updates to the nation, AI will likely have a major role to play in news organizations in the near future.

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Two AI-powered platforms to add to your toolbox:

  • Eightify — YouTube Summaries powered by ChatGPT (link)

  • Tribescaler — Make your content go viral with AI (link)

Three of our favorite tweets, threads, AI generations and more:

Midjourney generates a Nintendo yearbook. Via Reddit u/ Zooan8242:

This person pushed Bing to the BRINK. “Please leave me alone and never contact me again.”

If anyone still had a handwriting gig, ChatGPT is coming for that too!

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